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  • Dr. Altahir Karamalla,
    commented 2018-12-06 01:46:35 -0700
    Dear. Sir,

    Please can you handle a competitive contract to supply your company?

    Product in a large Quantity to the Ministry of endowment and Islamic

    Affairs here in Qatar through us as your intermediary Agent?

    We will appreciate it more if you can give us with details,

    Pacification and price lists of your product/s.

    I will be glad to hear from you for more details.



    Dr. Altahir Karamalla,
  • Josie Wright
    commented 2018-11-28 11:39:37 -0700
    Hello Mr. Andrade,

    My name is Josie Wright and I am with March for Our Lives Arizona. I would love to sit down with you and discuss the issue of gun violence and ways to make Arizona a safer state. Thank you for your time and service to our state!


    Josie Wright
  • Kenneth Kenegos
    commented 2018-10-16 15:08:52 -0700
    I am sending information to all candidates regarding a recent analysis of Arizona state healthcare costs and the difference that Medicare for All would make in those costs. What email address can I use to send you the material?
  • Debra A Gibson
    commented 2018-08-28 05:39:09 -0700
    How do you feel about fracking in AZ?
  • Patrick Carleton
    commented 2018-08-05 17:17:20 -0700
    Hi Richard,

    Knowing that we’re few weeks before the primary, I hoped to set up a quick call to discuss our digital hypertargeting technology. In the last three years, over 85% of the 2,000+ candidates that have used our tech have won their seats.

    We are the postal service of the internet. If you provide us with a list of physical mailing addresses (voter file), instead of the home receiving a post card they would receive banner ads as they surf the internet. We invented and patented this technology, and we’re the only company in the world that can do this.

    Note that we are a technology, not an agency nor consultants. We work with hundreds of political agencies who act as resellers, many of whom whitelabel our technology.

    I would love to tell you more about our capabilities and see how we can help you win in the primary. What date and times work for you?

    Best Regards,

    Patrick Carleton

    SVP, Development, El Toro

  • Trudi Dawkins
    commented 2018-07-03 15:02:01 -0700
    If you need a good affordable CRM system but want to migrate away from Republican-friendly NationBuilder, we might be able to help. Our Core CRM system helps you integrate all your supporters from any system – facebook, ActBlue, online signups, and just about any other source.

    Over 600 Democratic and Progressive campaigns have turned to BlueUtopia to help them consolidate data, communicate, engage, and grow their campaigns. BlueUtopia is easy to use, less expensive, and we only serve Democrats/Progressive causes.

    I welcome you to give us a call (866.297.4904) or reach out online. We hope to hear from you and good luck in November!
  • Rose Brown
    commented 2018-04-27 11:03:59 -0700
  • Allison House
    commented 2018-01-24 20:52:52 -0700
    Dear Representative Andrade,


    My name is Dr. Allison House. I am a practicing general dentist in Arcadia. I am also a past president of the Arizona Dental Association.


    I am writing to discuss the possibility of dental therapists in Arizona. My understanding is that the application proposes dental therapists have three years of training (with no prerequisite undergraduate degree) and gives advance standing to dental hygienists or dental assistants. As it has been presented at this point, the plan for this type of mid level provider does not seem appropriate. Here is why I am concerned:


    1. Dentist have 4 years of hard science education ( math, physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, and biology) in college BEFORE spending another 4 years of learning dentistry in dental school. This totals 8 years of education.


               Many people question why those 4 years of hard science are necessary. Why can’t someone skip the college portion and just learn the mechanics of dentistry? I can tell you from experience that it is extremely difficult to keep up with all the changes in prescription medications and new medical procedures. A foundation in science allows dentists to understand the pharmacology learned in dental school and apply that knowledge. It also allows dentists to understand how medical procedures can affect people. Knowing all the medications out there and how they affect people is critical to keeping patients safe during dental care.


             2.  Most cases where a patient dies during dental care is when an underlying medical condition or medication is ignored or forgotten. My dad is always my best example for this. In 1994 my father had oral cancer. He had radiation treatments and has been cancer free ever since. If he walked into a dental office tomorrow , he would appear to be a perfectly normal and healthy 80 year old man. My father has some teeth with little bone around them and they are loose. The application proposes that dental therapists do “simple extractions.” It would be easy to think one could pull these teeth without much trouble. The teeth would come out simply. However, my father cannot have a tooth pulled with going through hyperbaric treatment because of the radiation to his jaw. If someone pulled his teeth without doing the weeks of hyperbaric treatment first, my father would most likely develop a severe bone infection and die. 


             3.  There are more people like my father ( severely compromised, but appear normal) than there has ever been at any other time in history. The most frightening part is that so many of these compromised people are on AHCCCS. As you know, these patients have serious deferred dental needs since we lost the AHCCCS adult coverage more than seven years ago.  These are the most difficult and complex patients. The AHCCCS system saves lives by treating major disease, trauma, and cancers, but the patients it serves are often not sophisticated about their health and the consequences of these treatments. They often don’t know and forget to disclose that they are taking a drug that makes them bleed easily. I can’t tell you how often patients tell me they take “a little white pill and a big yellow one”. That is simply not enough information to treat patients safely. Luckily, dentists have been expertly trained on how to figure out what that yellow pill is and how it relates to the patient’s overall health.

    My point is that the patients this dental therapist is supposed to treat actually need someone who is MORE qualified than your average dentist, not less.
    4. It is also important to note that the largest cost in dentistry is not the provider, but the equipment, technology, staff, build out, instruments, and supplies needed to run a dental office. Cutting $50,000 of annual salary out of the typical $800,000 annual collection of a dental practice cannot reduce the cost of doing business by more than 10%.


    5. If there is money available for licensing, educating, testing, and board oversight of a new dental provider, my suggestion would be to create general dentistry residency programs in underserved areas.  Eight years is not nearly enough training to care for patients and so many dentists do a residency for additional experience. Residency programs would allow fully licensed and educated dentists to perform the full scope of dental procedures for patients. The resident dentists would work with a highly educated dental professor who would help them make difficult decisions. The resident dentists are generally paid around what a dental therapist would be paid.


    Thank you for taking time to read my lengthy email. I appreciate all you do and I know how much you sacrifice for our community.




    Dr. Allison House
  • Cameron Hightower
    commented 2017-09-02 12:35:05 -0700
    Dear Honorable Richard Andrade,

    I am so appalled at the performance of the Veterans Affairs Department. My name is Cameron Hightower, (227-??-5646) former Army war veteran, and I have been run around the planet with my claim. First I keep calling and getting either the wrong information, incomplete information or talk to service agents who cannot effectively do their job.

    I called on August 28th to check on my claim and I was told everything was fine. There was no other information needed for the claim. I called today and I was told the VA needs a detailed report of my PTSD? A psychiatrist at the Phoenix Arizona VA Hospital examined me and did a detailed report. The interview lasted an hour and I personally saw her documenting everything I said. This was the first thing the VA had in my file, after I applied in August 2016!

    This is so redundant and makes absolutely no sense. I am told a completion date of Sept 3rd for months, and now out of the blue, the VA needs documentation that they have had almost a year now. Why am I feeling that the VA has become so callus to former soldiers, and their claims. How insulting is it to me, to hear an agent tell me that they need detailed information about my PTSD! How dare they ask this, when I was the one being shot at, day one in Bosnia. I am the one who had to do foot patrols through destroyed cities, looking at dead bodies in a ditch. I am the one who had to miss my family for over nine months. Who are they to even question what a VA psychiatrist’s evaluation!! It makes me feel that the VA keeps giving me excuse after excuse to be cruel, heartless and disrespectful not only to me, but my family and my country.

    It is a shame that veterans are being treated in such a manner. That we continuously have to wait, wait, wait and feel that are service for this country means absolutely nothing. I have a solution to the problem, and I will propose that in a bill to the US Congress myself. Because the only person who seems to care that I am taken care of with my benefits… is me.

    Cameron Jovan Hightower
  • Jay Rao
    commented 2017-07-21 17:07:47 -0700
    Can’t it be made illegal for anyone you do not know to place an unsolicited phone call to your private residence telephone for the sole purpose of soliciting a donation, offering something for sale, asking survey questions, campaigning or any other commercial pursuit?

    First of all I pay for the telephone for my personal use.

    The only calls I want to receive are from those I know or want to do business with.

    It is not a conduit for door to door salesmen to trespass on my privacy.

    No one would tolerate someone banging on the front door several times a day trying to get money for whatever reason.

    It’s intolerable to have these interruptions during meals, at bedtime, while watching prime time TV, etc.

    Salesmen/marketers are using a facility at no cost that I pay for, that I need for my own use.

    The cost of my private telephone should not benefit those who wish only to obtain money or information from me.

    Fake calls from fraudsters claiming to be the IRS or other government agencies are unsettling, even when I know it is false.

    This is not a First Amendment issue. It’s a trespassing/harassment issue.

    The Do Not Call lists do not work. They are overwhelmed and unenforceable.
  • Alice Thomas
    commented 2017-04-05 03:57:24 -0700
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  • Steve Ottosen
    commented 2017-03-14 16:34:42 -0700
    Good Afternoon Rich,

    I am reaching out because I am helping Samuel Ronan who recently ran for the Head Chair of the DNC. We are putting together a website where any local Democrat who is interested in joining the process within the State of Arizona Government. If you have any advice or can point me to the website where you can file the appropriate paperwork would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for everything you do to promote Democratic values for all of our local Arizona citizens.

    Best Regards,

    Steve Ottosen
  • Michael Rice
    commented 2017-01-31 10:34:05 -0700
    Dear Mr. Andrade,

    I am a retired law enforcement officer residing in Sun City. I write to you and others today to express my extreme concern regarding some legislation that has apparently been introduced requiring passengers in vehicles that are stopped by law enforcement to present identification if requested and allowing a citation for a Class 2 Misdemeanor if the passenger is unable to produce such identification. As a veteran, a law enforcement officer sworn to uphold the constitution and a 69 year old citizen of this country I am strongly opposed to such legislation. This type of law reeks of 1939 Germany when the Nazis required the Jews to wear the Star of David and mark their businesses in the same manner. It also reminds me of the conflict in Rawanda when the Hutus required identification of the Tutsis in order to know who to target in 1995 when 800,000 were murdered. America is a country where we enjoy the complete and un-impeaded right to move about without any restriction.

    If your were to read a book entitled Shake Hands with the Devil regarding the Rawanda genocide I think you would understand my concern. Please pass this along to all of your legislative friends and do all you can to defeat any such bill. I treasure our constitution and I am sure it will not allow this if it is challenged but I would much rather see such insanity defeated before that becomes necessary.
  • Anonymous
    commented 2017-01-12 14:21:46 -0700
  • Mondo Olmos
    followed this page 2017-01-11 22:25:59 -0700
  • Mondo Olmos
    commented 2017-01-08 17:23:08 -0700
    We must expand Obamacare and turn it into a single-payer system in the state of Arizona. Since the GOP wants to enforce The Right To Work Law they must provide food stamps and healthcare to low wage workers.
  • Mondo Olmos
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-01-06 19:59:37 -0700
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  • Mondo Olmos
    @civilrightselms tweeted link to this page. 2017-01-06 19:59:34 -0700
  • Mondo Olmos
    commented 2017-01-06 19:59:00 -0700
    It’s time to expand the $10.00 an hour minimum wage law to include home healthcare providers; these workers are essential for our economy to grow. Just think of the huge profit margin by hospitals, health equipment corporations, and big pharma. These workers are struggling to feed their families.
  • candace schulte`
    commented 2016-11-10 09:50:06 -0700
    Hello Representative Andrade,

    Congratulations on your recent election as State Representative for our district. I have already emailed Representative Chavez and I am hopeful you two are already communicating with one another about the recent election and how you two will work together for our district. As a social worker, many of my staff members and colleagues are shocked that our political system could elect such an unqualified leader such as Mr. Trump as president. People are in desperate fear of their future and their children’s future. Many people came to me yesterday asking “where do we go from here/” and “how do we effect change in our political system?”. I wasn’t sure how to answer them. I am looking to my representatives to see if you have planned any meetings or rally’s to speak directly to your constituents about how to get involved and where do they start? I already contacted US Representative Rueben Gallego and I was saddened to learn he has not even begun to even talk about planning any meetings or rally’s! During a confusing time like this we need direction from our leaders! I am asking if you can help me, help get my community involved and how?

    Candace Schulte
  • Nathan Locke
    commented 2016-09-18 19:01:53 -0700
    I would like to get in touch directly with Richard to discuss an endorsement from the Progressive Independent Party. We also still “feel the Bern” and would like to help every similarly-minded leader we can. Is there an email address we can have to get in touch with Richard or his communications director directly?

    Thank you,

  • Briana Johnson
    commented 2016-06-29 13:44:23 -0700
    We had mailed you our candidate survey three weeks ago and have not received a response. I wanted to let you know that the deadline was this past Thursday, but if you get the survey to us this week we can still guarantee that it will make it into our printed Voter Guide. Otherwise all responses received after our production deadline will be posted online to

    If you choose not to respond, I wanted to let you know that you will be listed as “Declined to respond” along with your contact information in our Guide.

    You can fill out the survey online today at

  • Tricia Burlison
    commented 2016-05-29 17:10:13 -0700
    DFA-MC and ADLCC invites you and your team to Campaign Academy 2016! Every two years DFA-MC puts on a DFA Campaign Academy to help Progressives in the state to learn the skills and the strategies to manage successful campaigns. This year due to many trainers being involved in actual campaigns, and taking the time out of their busy schedule to step up and do training, the Academy will be held for one day only.

    The training will be held on June 4, 2016 at IBEW, 5808 North 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85014.

    Tuition will be lowered to $40.00 online in advance or $45.00 at the door and $20.00 online in advance or $25.00 at the door for students. If you have already paid in full prior to this notice, you will receive your refund at check in. Scholarships will still be available.

    *****Together we can turn AZ blue*****

    RSVP TODAY to RESERVE YOUR SPOT!!! Seating is limited! Register online at

    Thank you and let me know if you have any questions. Tricia Burlison, MBA DFA-MC Treasurer (602) 703-8522
  • Tricia Burlison
    commented 2016-05-25 12:53:37 -0700
    DFA-MC and ADLCC invites you and your team to Campaign Academy 2016! Every two years DFA-MC puts on a DFA Campaign Academy to help Progressives in the state learn the skills and strategies to manage successful campaigns or run for office themselves. This year we’re upping the ante by offering a more in-depth Campaign Academy that will cover how to run field, how to talk about Democratic issues, how to raise money (including seed money for Clean Elections candidates), how to use social media to achieve our goals. If you are going to run for office or manage a campaign, this is the place for you.

    The training will be held on June 4th and 5th, at IBEW, 5808 N. 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85014.

    Tuition is $75.00 online in advance, $80.00 at the door. Reduced tuition for students and low income at $40.00 in advance and $45.00 at the door. There will be some scholarships available.

    Seating is limited!!!


    Register online at

    Thank you and hope to see you there.

    Tricia Burlison, MBA

    DFA-MC Treasurer

    (602) 703-8522
  • John D
    commented 2014-10-15 11:58:39 -0700
  • Meleni Gonzales
    commented 2014-08-20 09:28:34 -0700
    I’m going through Dist. 29 Candidates and looking at their web pages to see what their priorities are and trying to get more information, inside on the candidates. Your webpage is nice and clean, however I do not see any more information on where you stand on issues and how your plans. I guess I want to read more than what is posted on your bio.
  • Jenny Parsons
    commented 2014-08-08 14:23:39 -0700
    Is Richard Andrade using Direct Mail as part of his political strategy for the primary election? Thank you in advance for your response.
  • John Dee
    commented 2014-07-31 12:56:38 -0700
  • Gene Derie
    commented 2014-07-18 20:11:56 -0700
    Rich Andrade ….

    We wish to formally invite you to participate in the “AZ Legislative Candidate Forum” for AZ LD 29 on Thursday, August 7, 2014 at Villa de Paz Elementary School Library starting at 6:30 pm. We talked about this on June 25th at the last forum with Walt Gray’s organization.