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  • Robert Lipkowitz
    commented 2020-01-12 00:16:20 -0700
    After stopping President Trump from being reelected, the best goal for the Democratic Party is to stop the oligarchs and the economic inequality they create; they are the opposite of everything we stand for. Our research team has developed a way to accomplish this. It is our hope this process will become a new plank for the Democratic Party.

    We implore you to read this proposal in full to understand its impact upon the Democratic Party and all of humanity. With all due humility, we can assure you this is one of the most significant letters you will ever read in your lifetime.


    Dr. Robert Lipkowitz

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    We would like to partner with your organization. However, we have an unorthodox proposal and are asking for your assistance in this matter. We have a way to actually stop economic inequality which will alleviate many of the problems you are already working on. As you are already aware, most of the problems in the world are directly related to economic inequality.

    Please allow me to explain our situation by describing who we are, what our situation is, and how we may be able to assist each other.

    As a two member team, we want to first establish our credentials for working on this project.

    My teammate, Dr. Shameem Heetun, is a Fulbright Scholar with degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Accounting, a Doctor of Business Administration in Strategic Management, and an MBA. She has lived and studied on four different Continents and has seen and experienced firsthand the corrosive impact of economic inequality upon individuals and society. She is passionate about stopping economic inequality.

    I have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree with over forty years of experience in the medical arena. I invented the first operational quantum entangled switch that is the revolutionary precursor igniting today’s current quantum computer revolution. Additionally I have a background in small business planning and expertise in many areas of economic inequality. My current focus is on the role economic inequality will play regarding the direction humanity takes in the face of quantum computers and the looming technological singularity.

    We have developed the concept for an Economic Inequality Rating App (EIRA) as a means to actually stop economic inequality. Research shows this inequality is due to the advent of new technology funded by American oligarchs. Although the app is a rather simple idea, it will be extremely powerful in stopping economic inequality in a relatively short period of time once it is fully implemented. However, we do not want you to think the idea is just another ordinary or mundane app; rather it is actually the key to unlocking a new and future progressive society. You will soon come to understand the significance of this statement as you continue to read on.

    We have new confidence there is merit to our idea because on November 8th of this year, based upon a non-solicited letter from our organization to theirs, Oxfam International informed us they were starting a formal review of our proposal. They said this action is outside their protocol but they were sufficiently impressed enough with our proposal to warrant such an action. Oxfam is a powerhouse when it comes to matters involving economic inequality and poverty. We suspect they realize the dire nature the world finds itself in and are looking for a workable solution. We look forward to the result their review.

    Here is a description of the proposed app in a very simplified form:

    We propose an idea for an Economic Inequality Rating App (EIRA). This handheld app is a convenient way to transfer wealth from the 1% back to the 99% with every purchase of a product or service made by the 99%. The EIRA will provide clear guidelines as to which products and services benefits the 99% to reduce economic inequality.

    By following these ratings, individuals can not only capture the revenue normally lost to the 1% but also redirect this revenue back to the 99% while simultaneously reducing economic inequality. This freedom of choice in the marketplace completely bypasses the usual political, tax, and judicial gridlock by placing power directly back into the hands of the 99% to reduce inequality. This redistribution of wealth reduces economic inequality.

    By way of example, if a product such as a computer is shown to have a high inequality rating, then we know the item is aligned with creating high economic inequality. This purchase should be boycotted in favor of a similar computer with a lower Inequality Rating that will lower economic inequality.

    Here is a summary of our overall idea:

    Our project answers the question, “What will become of the human race and humanity as we advance toward the technological singularity?” Many individuals now think we will be consumed by the future advancements in artificial intelligence.

    The technological singularity can be defined as a hypothetical point in the future when technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization. Due to the exponential processing power of the coming super computers, a technological singularity will occur. Advancing at inconceivable rates, it will overwhelm our human capacity to understand or control it. This rapidly approaching future is expected to create dystopian realities or the extinction of humans as a species.

    There is now a growing condemnation of the new technologies with major researchers in the fields of computer science and artificial intelligence echoing the same predictions. Prominent individuals such as the late physicist Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and others are voicing this same vision of an apocalyptic future with no real way to stop it. We are creating a poison without an antidote. From what our team has studied, we also believe in these fateful predictions. This is why we developed the EIRA. If implemented on a sufficiently large scale, this app will allow us to gain control of the direction these technologies take; it is a direction supporting the betterment of humanity and not the profits of the 1%.

    We are fast approaching an inflection point beyond which we will not be able to change these outcomes in the future unless we take specific action now to stop it from happening.

    Research shows new technology is the major driving force creating economic inequality. Economic inequality creates more new-technology profitability for the 1%, which then creates more uncontrolled economic inequality through further investing in new technology. These two streams—technological singularity and economic inequality—massively feed upon each other.

    The wealthy oligarchs among us acting in their best interest will apply little regulatory control to the coming technological singularity; it will run its course unabated in order to maintain a high profit motive for the few at the top. This quest by the top 1% not to regulate this rapidly advancing new technology has its consequences. They will want to generate even higher profits from it so that they can create even newer technology that will generate still more profits.

    There is little in the literature we have reviewed to indicate this cycle will stop by any normal means. As long as the wealthy can manipulate the political system with legal bribery, policy capture, and favorable tax consequences, there is no reason to think it will abate.

    Our major focus is the development and implementation of the EIRA to stop the untoward impact of the rapidly approaching technologies. By reducing economic inequality we can gain control of the levers of power to redirect the future technologies for the good of humanity.

    The trend lines from what we have studied indicate the new technologies will transform us in unknown ways with dystopian realities and the possible extinction of the human race. On top of that there is only a very small window of time opportunity to stop the future catastrophe due to the exponentially expanding speed of computers and artificial intelligence.

    Currently computers with artificial intelligence are on par with that of a human child’s brain. With the major brain initiatives in the United States and around the world doing research on brain mapping and reverse engineering and with switching mechanisms now capable of operating at two hundred million times faster than the speed of a human neuron, computers are expected to be on par with an adult’s brain in approximately nine years. After that we will be out of the loop because we will not be able to keep up with the speed and sophistication of the technology. Yet the computers will continue to advance at exponential rates. We estimate at most we have a twelve to fifteen year window of time opportunity in which we need to have a solution to this problem in place. Obviously, by this standard, timeliness is a critical factor.

    If implemented on a sufficiently large scale, we expect the EIRA will significantly reduced economic inequality and allow for a change of trajectory of the negative outcomes expected to be produced by the new technologies. This means the possibility of severe future dystopian realities will be reduced and the survivability of the human race will be increased as we merge with the computers and technology of tomorrow.

    We estimate the funding cost to fully implement the EIRA on a nationwide scale to be $100 million. The majority of this will be needed to create and maintain the database. We are also acutely aware this is a large capital outlay for any organization to absorb and doubt your organization would fund a project of this size and type. However, put into perspective, the cost to clean up damage from future climate change is estimated to be many trillions of dollars over the next decades. Conveniently the EIRA will also stop climate change because studies show it is caused mostly by economic inequality.

    Although our team has the capability and desire to do the project if the funding was available, in all honesty, we cannot do it due to timeliness. Every day of delay now translates into lost time later to finish the project due to the extreme time compression caused by the exponential nature of the new technology. As such we make the following unorthodox proposal.

    We propose collaborating with your organization to create a plan capable of obtaining the needed investment resources and expertise to expedite the project either from your organization or other outside sources. There are those friends of the Democratic Party who have the financial ability to fund this project with some of them currently running for office. But time is of the essence and our two member team cannot operate fast enough to meet the timeliness demanded ourselves but together with your help the project can succeed. You have access to much greater resources and expertise than we do to put together this plan either internally or by contracting to outside companies.

    To accomplish our common goal, we are willing to turn complete control of the project over to your organization; having the endeavor succeed is that important to us. We are not seeking profits from this aspect of the project but we will consider a consulting role at your discretion. We know the ins and outs of the project which will save a considerable amount of time and we also have ideas regarding how to significantly reduce costs.

    Once you read our Guide you too will come to understand the problems we are up against and the timeliness issue. Not only does the EIRA need to be developed and implemented quickly but there needs to be a sufficient amount of time for it to take effect and do its work upon the economy.

    This is a lot to absorb and we recognize the atypical nature of our proposal. We are also aware your organization has its legal regulations to abide by along with its policies, procedures, and a unique business culture. Yet we believe once you read and understand our full proposal you will agree with our assessment that there is no other known practical way to solve this monumental problem. We respectfully ask that our request not be misinterpret. It is not meant to be egotistical or rude. We are presenting it in this manner due to the odd and desperate reality we find ourselves in with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance.

    Your organization already fights against problems known to be caused by high levels of economic inequality. We applaud you and your organization for the good works you have done. But sadly, soon that work will be jeopardized. The ever rising tide of destruction will become insurmountable without enough resources from any source to halt its flow.

    We cannot expect the cavalry to arrive and save us; this is because we are the cavalry. The time for action is now, humanity must unite to save itself, and the vehicle for our salvation with your help is the EIRA.

    Removing President Trump from office is a noble venture and a first step but it is not sufficient enough to create the progressive long term society we all seek. It is our hope you will read the full “Guide To Saving Humanity” on our website and share this information with fellow Democrats to make the EIRA a reality. This information needs to get into the hands of those in the top tier of the Democratic Party; it is the way to make a new order plank for the future of the Party.

    With great respect and humility we ask you to consider our request. We do not wish to use hyperbole or be melodramatic in our descriptions but, in all seriousness, not working towards a solution to this cataclysmic problem now risks complete annihilation of all that we hold dear and precious.

    Our company, Antilope LLC, is dedicated to stopping economic inequality and the subsequent adverse impacts it has upon our society. All aspects of our project can be found on our website,, and our “Guide To Saving Humanity” is found on the navigation bar of the home page. Additionally, much of the supporting documents and research contributing to the Guide can be found on the website’s discussion forums. A brief summary of the Guide is presented below.

    Seven Point Guide Summary

    1. Technological singularity is defined as a hypothetical point in the future when technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization. Due to the exponential processing power of the coming super computers, a technological singularity will occur. Advancing at inconceivable rates, it will overwhelm our human capacity to understand it. This rapidly approaching future is expected to create one of either two adverse events. The first is a dystopia, an imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice, typically one that is totalitarian or post-apocalyptic. This new reality will be perverted beyond recognition from that of our present-day existence. The second adverse outcome is that it will create an even greater likelihood of a world causing human extinction.

    2. This dismal future is being caused by an inherent difference in brain structure between liberals and conservatives. Scientific research clearly shows that conservatives have a larger amygdala—a brain structure grouping of neurons shown to play a key role in the processing of emotions—that is more prominent in conservatives than in those of a liberal persuasion. In conservatives the larger amygdala incorporates an evolutionary survival mechanism that is more fear based. This excessive fear mechanism manifests itself in the thoughts and actions of conservative individuals causing them to act in ways that promote economic inequality. In other words, it is this fear-based aspect of the conservative brain structure that causes them to advance increased economic inequality in our society.

    3. Since the 1970s—spurred on by conservative fear-based policies—economic inequality has dramatically increased. Most of the social and health ills of the world are directly caused by this inequality. Historically economic inequality has been the basis for the collapse of many past civilizations. The United States, with an ever-increasing rate of economic inequality, is well on this same path to self-destruction.

    4. As stated above, there is abundant literature to show that, new technology is a fundamental driver of economic inequality. Not only will the top 1% mindset not try to regulate this rapidly advancing new technology, but they will want to generate high profits from it so that they can create even newer technology that will further exacerbate economic inequality in favor of their own interests and at the expense of the well-being of the general population. This conservative fear-based mentality places a higher value on profit motive than on welfare for all.

    This means that conservatives will apply little regulatory control to the coming technological singularity; it will run its course unabated in order to maintain a high profit motive for the few at the top. Consequentially, this quest for profits and a lack of regulations will either bring about a dystopian future of inequality-based suffering and lack of the people’s democratic power or human extinction—or, ultimately, both. To prevent these dire events, we must first stop runaway economic inequality.

    5) Almost all economic inequality is initially premised at a subconscious level and occurs with little conscious thought. The proven social psychology of this occurs by placing an individual on a specific tier in the social hierarchy. The gap in social rank between an individual’s lower socio-economic standing and that of those at the top of the hierarchy is what defines economic inequality. Research shows that this inequality manifests itself as toxic to both the individual and society at large. By reducing economic inequality, we can reduce its insidiously progressing poisonous impact upon us all.

    6) The proposed Economic Inequality Rating App (EIRA) will rate products, services, and individuals based upon how much economic inequality they produce. A high rating on the EIRA means that the product or service for purchase creates a high amount of economic inequality and should be avoided in favor of a purchase with a lower EIRA rating. This choosing of a company or service with a lower economic inequality rating will transfer wealth from the elite 1% back to those who support the 99% when the product or service is purchased. This reduces economic inequality (without changing any laws or voting anyone into office) simply by giving the consumer accurate information by which to make their purchasing decisions. By having a rating system based solely upon economic inequality parameters, we members of the 99% can make an informed and purposeful decision to reduce economic inequality, which in turn will support all our best interests.

    The ratings loaded into the app will be determined by a team of experts based solely upon economic inequality parameters; this differentiates us substantially from other rating systems. The EIRA tells us what product or service to choose solely based upon how much that product or service will reduce economic inequality. Because economic inequality is what causes most of the problems in the world and is at the core of creating many misalignments in other value systems, these other value systems will need to be subordinate to the value of reducing economic inequality.

    7) The transfer of wealth from the 1% back to the 99% by use of the EIRA will significantly reduce the nationwide economic inequality experienced in today’s society. This puts power back into the hands of the 99% where it rightfully belongs. Only then will economically based social ills within our society begin to dissipate—including the dire consequences of a realized dystopian reality and ultimate elimination of the human race.

    Our future’s bleak outcomes are being enhanced by two powerful streams merging together to create the ultimate disaster: the coming technological singularity and increasing economic inequality. Economic inequality creates more new-technology profitability for the 1%, which then creates more uncontrolled economic inequality through further investing in new technology. These two streams—technological singularity and economic inequality—massively feed upon each other. The proposed EIRA can change the trajectory of these negative outcomes for the betterment of all humanity.
  • Cynthia Cosner
    commented 2019-11-10 05:17:04 -0700
  • Josie Wright
    commented 2019-08-25 15:55:29 -0700
    To Whom It May Concern:

    On behalf of March For Our Lives Arizona, I would like to invite Rep. Andrade to a town hall centered on gun violence prevention. It will take place on Thursday, August 29 from 6:30 to 8 pm at the First Church UCC Phoenix. Current Representatives in Congress, Congressional candidates, and Arizona state legislators and senators have been invited. Media will also be in attendance, including a reporter from the Wall Street Journal.

    This event is a part of a nationwide push by March For Our Lives to host August Recess town halls, and we sincerely hope that Rep. Andrade will be able to join us at the Arizona event. Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to your response!


    Josie Wright

    Political Co-Director

  • Bethany Wattier
    commented 2019-02-19 11:45:35 -0700
    Hello! I urge you to please revoke your support of HB 2696, Fetal Resuscitation Repeal. Please fight for ALL Arizonians including baby Arizonians. Please don’t let them die cold and alone on tables or in garbage cans.
  • Roger Conant
    commented 2019-02-08 00:23:24 -0700
    Representative Andrade,

    My name is Roger Conant. I am a Doctor of Nursing Practice student at Arizona State University. I am in my final semester, and one of my courses, Healthcare Policy and Innovation, has me doing a blog on a policy issue that is significant to us in some way. I chose physician-assisted death as my topic. Part of my research has led me to find that you have co-sponsored HB 2408. One of the assignments is to do a blog post based on an interview with someone who is involved in the policy of our subject. As a supporter of a Death with Dignity Act in Arizona, I was wondering if perhaps you or someone from your staff was available for a short (10-15 min) interview via phone, internet, or person, to discuss some of the challenges and benefits to a Death with Dignity Act passing in Arizona. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.
  • Emily Smith
    commented 2018-12-17 17:45:00 -0700
    I am very concerned for the state of Arizona and the safety of its children. I have an almost unbelievable story that would shock many residents in this state. I want to see CHANGE! I am most likely not the only person this is happening to. However, I am a person that is ready to fight! The is a story about DCS, the problems of the public school system, fingerprint clearance, and family court. This is a story about a mother trying to protect her children, 2 with disabilities.

    In 2013, I moved to Arizona, with my former husband, Rocky Loveless, and my 3 young children. Followed by my two older sons, Kody and Jeriah. My daughter who is now 7 years old (born in 2011), has Cerebral Palsy. She is non verbal, eats from a feeding tube, and is mostly in a wheelchair. However, at home, she plays on the floor, hopping around on her knees. Lilly is a beautiful young lady, with the best smile. She has a twin brother, who is typical, named Logan. Then the twins have a younger sister, named Laci. Laci was diagnosed with Autism, she is currently 5 years old. Kody is 22, living in Tucson with his brother, my son, Jeriah, who is 21.

    It all started in December 2007. I was recently getting divorced, from my first husband. I was very vulnerable and apparently stupid. I had 2 young adopted son that were 11 and 10 years old, Kody and Jeriah (DJ). I was in the military, just got done serving a year in Iraq. I was living in Clarksville, Tennessee, stationed with 101st Airborne in Fort Campbell, Kentucky. In August 2007, I was attempting to get a fuel truck ready for deployment. My unit was heading back for another tour. I ended up hurting my back and getting a spinal hematoma in Aug 2007, which caused me to go temporarily paralyzed. Soon after that, my first husband left me. I was heartbroken, did not know how my future would look (was using a walker and a wheelchair at the time), I was placed with the Wounded Warrior Program to start discharging me out of the military. I was actually medically retired as a Sergeant in 2008. As I was confused and my “self worth” went down the toilet, I met Rocky. Rocky took immediate control of the situation. I was not in my right mind to fight back. In December 2008, I met Rocky, and the next week he came down from Science Hill, Kentucky to met my boys. Without an invite, he just moved right into my home and took over. He never proposed to get married, he just started planning our marriage, before I was even officially divorced from my first husband. I was still grieving my first husband, I was in love with him, but I was not even allowed to talk about the situation anymore. Rocky wanted to get married on May 24, 2008. I told him that I was not ready to get married, he then told me that if I did not marry him on May 24, 2008, then he would kill himself. I did not want him to hurt, I did not want anyone to hurt the way I was feeling inside. So I was STUPID and married Rocky on May 24, 2008.

    During our WHOLE marriage, when we fought, he would trap me into my room. He would stand in front of the door, refusing to let me out. He would take my phone and take my keys. If I did manage to get into my car, he would stand in the back of my car so I could not leave or get on top of my car. If I tried to lay down, and give him the silent treatment, cause NOTHING else worked, he would lay down next to me. If I attempted to go to the bathroom, even if I did not really need to go, he would watch me go. Rocky would stalk me, if I went places with friends. If I went out with friends, he would non stop be calling me. He would want to know how many men were there, in detail, wanted to know what the other men looked like, and if I thought they were attractive or not (the answer was always no, because if it was yes, hell would break loose!!!)

    Rocky would be physically and mentally abusive towards Kody and Jeriah. I WAS very close to my sweet boys, until Rocky came along. I originally adopted my sons when I was turning 20, and they were 4 and 6 years old. I was only 14 years older than my oldest son, Kody. Rocky was very uncomfortable with this, because he had major jealousy issues. He got into my head, saying that I thought my young sons were attractive. This repulsed me! So I started pushing my boys away, to attempt to prove to Rocky that I was not attracted to them, and they were not attracted to me. I was their MOTHER! He managed to put a wedge between us, and became really mean to the boys. That is MY fault, as a mother, for letting Rocky get into my head at that time. For letting him hurt the boys, for taking their mother away from them. My boys started naturally rebelling, and went through hard times, that they did not need too. I failed them as a mother. Jeriah has forgiven me for this, Kody has not. That is something, I will have to live with.

    After moving to Arizona and becoming a Physical Education teacher, Rocky starting taking steroids. My son, Jeriah, has told me that sometime in 2013, Kody and Jeriah got into another physical altercation with Rocky. They finally where big enough to fight back. They ended up putting Rocky into a choke hold. Rocky promised that he would leave them alone for now on. But in return they would not tell me or the police. He agreed. However, he started going into Mexico, and buying steroids, and brought them back here to Arizona.

    Steroid combined with his bipolar and severe brain injury made him incredibly mean. I have named the summer of 2014 as the “The Summer of 2014 of HELL!”

    Rocky became even more jealous than he already was. We went to Kentucky is March 2014 to visit his family. Rocky father was a drug dealer. But because of all the drugs and alcohol, his father, James (Jamie) Loveless, started losing his mind, and having strokes. Rocky has a younger sister (we will call her Lisa to protect her identity). Lisa mother died in a car accident when she was 4 year old, with Lisa in the car. Lisa went to live with her dad, Jamie. Lisa had lice in her hair for 3 years! From 2011 (when her mom died) to 2014. Jamie would have drug parties at his house all the time. Rocky even showed me how to spot a drug deal, watching his dad a few times. Lisa had major gingivitis, and searched for her own food all the time, due to this she was malnourished. She had a lack of sleep, because people would take over her bed, passed out. So Lisa would sleep on the couch while others would party all night. Then Lisa would attempted to go to school the next morning, very tired. So I agreed to take Lisa as my own. Jamie agreed to let us take her, as long as we would not touch the social security he was getting from her mother’s death. In other words, he wanted the money, more than Lisa. Lisa was 7 years old. Then in Aug 2014, Jamie was in such bad health, Jamie moved to Arizona to live with us. Even with Jamie and Lisa living under the same roof, they did not have much of a relationship. He would sleep all day, and be awake watching TV at night, when all the kids went to bed. The parent-child relationship was not there.

    In the Summer of 2014 of HELL, we went back to Kentucky. Rocky became even MORE jealous. We took our travel trailer with us. Lilly and Logan were barely 3 years old, and Laci was 1. One time, Rocky’s older brother, Brad Abbott, was sitting on the chair in the trailer. Laci had a dirty diaper. I reached over Brad to get a diaper, and Rocky became super upset that I reached my body over Brad. I was not allowed to look in his direction. We were fixing my old home in Clarksville, TN. We were on the campgrounds of Fort Campbell, and there was a time, it got so unbearable that I could do NOTHING right, I walked away crying. This summer, I started having panic attacks because I could not even breathe right, without Rocky criticizing me (even went to the ER, cause I literally thought I was dying, but it was anxiety attack). The undercover military police saw me walking and sobbing. They told me who they were afterwards, and told Rocky that he had to leave for the night. This only made him madder at me, the next day.

    Another time that summer, Rocky’s twin brother, Rodney Loveless (who is a 3 times convicted drug dealer in Kentucky asked Rocky “where is Emily and Alyssa?” Because Rodney said my name before his own wife’s name, they got into a fist fight. Police were called.

    Rocky was super jealous of his cousin, Josh. On July 4, 2014, we went to the Cincinnati Reds Baseball game. I made sure not to even look in Josh’s direction, in fear of Rocky getting mad at me. When we went out to eat, I was extremely uncomfortable, making sure to stare in a corner or the napkins on the table. I tried not to look at Josh at all, even when he talked to me. However, when we got back into the truck, Rocky said “you just couldn’t keep your eyes off of him, could you?!” I went OUT OF MY WAY NOT TO LOOK AT HIM!!!

    Rocky would not right out hit me, but he would get my pressure points, would pinch me, squeeze me, etc. He would find other ways to hurt me, besides hitting me. He mentally hurt me more than anything. After sex, he would call me a whore, and made me believe that I needed him. He even raped me, as I cried, cause he wanted to have anal sex. He did not care that I was crying and it hurt me.
    If I tried to leave him, or walk away from a fight, he followed. One time, I walked away, and so he walked away from the kids too, leaving my 3 and 1 year old walking down the road by themselves. He said, you walked away, so I walked away from them too. There was other times I would try to take the kids with me, and he grabbed one of the kids, and said, okay leave, but they are staying here. Whatever I did to attempt to escape, he would make it impossible.

    Rocky also became incredibly mean to his little sister, Lisa. Rocky and I went into a screaming fight EVERYDAY! I was afraid to leave, because I did not want to leave Lisa by herself with Rocky and his dad. There was one time, I ran off and and took Lilly, Logan and Laci, and got a protective order in Aug 2104. But Rocky gave me guilt trips for leaving Lisa. The police was able to help me for only one night. But it was hard to go to a domestic violence shelter with my kids. They told me that they could not take me, because I had a special needs child, and they are not equipped to help with a child with her needs. The most anyone could do was 1 night in a hotel, and a protective order. Of course, I dropped the protective order, because he did not include Lisa. I could NOT leave her alone with them. He would make fun of her everyday! Put her into tears. The more she cried, the more he laughed. I would fight with him saying it is not funny to make a child cry. But he did not see it this way.

    In September 2014, I finally had a mental breakdown. I literally could not take it anymore. I could not leave with his sister, but no longer could take the abuse. I started having multiple panic attacks throughout the day, everyday. I could do NOTHING right!! One night in September 2014, Rocky took my keys, took my phone, and was telling me that I was a whore. He had my religion leader on the phone. Rocky twisted around a story that I told him of a guy and I in the military. I did develop feeling for this man, but NEVER acted on it. I was not even married to Rocky when this happened, I didn’t even KNOW Rocky. But he was telling me that I was a slut, made me feel that i was the scum of the world. He wanted me to confess to my religious leader at that moment. I was hyperventilating, laying on the floor, crying. The religious leader attempted to tell Rocky that this is NOT the way to do this, but he did not care. When the religious leader gave in and said, “okay, Emily, tell me what happened.” All the strength that I had at the moment, went away! I did not even feel like I should live anymore. He made me feel like the worst person in the world. I was not thinking right. All I knew was I needed OUT of the house RIGHT then! As he was yelling at the religious leader in the other room, on my phone, I took a razor blade, and did shallow cuts all throughout my body, from head to toe. I was not a cuter before, and have not cut since, but at that moment, I started cutting myself. Rocky took all my dignity and self worth away from me. As I was cutting myself, I cut “Help” and “I HATE Myself.” I then got into the shower, and Rocky walked in with me in the shower bleeding from head to toe. He called 911. The ambulance and the police asked what I wanted, I asked to be admitted to the hospital. I knew I needed help. But did not know how to help myself at that time. I needed a clear head. While the police was trying to talk to me, Rocky was screaming at the police saying that I was HIS wife, and he has every right to be in the room as they talked to me. In other words, he wanted to control the situation. The police saw how jumpy I was when I heard Rocky yell, so they took me out of the house into the ambulance. During this time, my kids NEVER saw me like this. They were in bed. He did however, parade his dad and Lisa in to look at me, and say “look what she had done” before the police came. He made me feel like I was a circus clown. As I was getting into the ambulance, Rocky starting yelling at the police and paramedics that he knows I am a beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed girl, but I am HIS wife and don’t even look at me.

    The next day, because I was admitted to the hospital. Rocky came to bring me some stuff. He started fighting with me, and I asked him to leave. The doctor then stepped in and asked him to leave, and he refused. The hospital had to forcibly escort him out of the hospital. I knew I needed help, but did not know how. I could NOT think clear with Rocky around, so I happily went to the hospital. I actually felt like the hospital was a vacation!

    Rocky started posting weird, suicidal things onto facebook. This worried my friends and family that lived in Utah, and did not know what was happening with my kids. My sisters did a welfare check on Rocky. The police came in and immediately called DCS. Rocky ended up hitting the cop, and breaking the DCS ladies finger, by hitting the table with his fist. At this time, Rocky was tazed and put into handcuffs. The police officer decided not to press charges against Rocky. (I have the police report). My 3 babies were placed at my friends house, until my grandma moved down from California, for a few months, to help me out. Lisa, was placed into foster care, because of her dad’s health and the the whole situation. In January 2015, DCS placed Lisa as my foster child, until December 2016. Lisa’s father did not do anything that the court asked him to do, and severance happened.

    A couple days after me getting out of the hospital, Rocky was arrested due to domestic violence against me at my friends house. Rocky was working in Nogales, AZ at Challenger Elementary as a PE teacher. Due to DCS stepping in, and the charges, Rocky was dismissed from his job.

    Rocky refused to get a job at this time. Instead, with the little money he had, he went to Mexico and got drunk everyday. He was on supervised visits with his children and was not completing what the state was asking him to complete. I had a protection order against him,, and he was always violating it.

    Instead of getting a job, Rocky was caught smuggling 197 lbs of marijuana across the US/Mexican border. Due to it being his first offense, he got 5 months in federal prison and a misdemeanor. With the domestic violence between Rocky and I, he was able to get a deferment, which dropped the charges, as long as he took anger management classes. After he got out of prison in Aug 2015, he married a women named Lizeth. He took anger management classes. DCS dropped the case, because I did everything they asked me to do, but Rocky was in prison. Since I was “safe”, I was the safety parent to protect my children, and the case ended. However, Arizona has made it IMPOSSIBLE to protect my children!

    Rocky then applied to become a teacher in Eloy City. I thought there would be NO WAY he would be able to get his fingerprint clearance card back. However, he became a teacher at Toltec Elementary, and then became a teacher at Eloy Junior High School. According to a mother that was a student in the junior high school, Rocky would talk inappropriate to the students, call the student fags, and throw footballs in the boys privates when he was the flag football coach. He did similar things to Kody and Jeriah (DJ), when they were younger. This did not shock me or anyone in my family.

    During the time, Rocky went to court against me, and I attempted to get my own kids safe. Lilly came home with severe diaper rashes, that made her genitals bleed. Then on October 1, 2017, she was taken to the ER after a visit, for facial bruises that include both eyes. Due to the severeness of the black eye, the doctors called DCS and the police. I attempted to fight for my children in court, but failed. The police officer believed Rocky’s lie, and dropped all charges. I went to family court, and I lost. Visitation still continues with Rocky. The nurses at the ER, still remember Lilly and the condition she was in, when she was at the Banner Ironwood Hospital.

    I have attempted DCS a few times. I have been told by DCS, that I need to take this to family court, because in the state of Arizona, if both parents have custody, they do not take custody away from one parent and give it to other parent. If the kids are safe in one home, but unsafe in the other home, all the kids go into foster care.

    On May 24, 2018, it was the last day of school for Eloy Junior High, when Rocky assaulted a sixth grade student. According to Pinal Central News “Loveless had kicked a boy in the stomach and held him down on the ground with his foot while making fun of him as the rest of the sixth-grade students watched a movie.” This did NOT shock me at all. He did the same kind of things to our adopted sons, who live in Tucson, and want NOTHING to do with Rocky. Rocky was arrested, and again ONLY got a misdemeanor. He was also again ordered to do anger management classes. (He has also been ordered to do anger management classes in Utah, a few years prior, due to him kicking Jeriah, in his scrotum. Obviously the anger management classes has not worked).

    This time I was SURE he was not going to get his fingerprint clearance card back and become a teacher. However, he informed me in November 2018, that he does in fact have a teaching job in Phoenix.

    On November 16, 2018, my children went to his house again because of a court order custody arrangement. Rocky ended up throwing my 7 year old son onto the bed, yelling at him to shut the fuck up, because Logan wanted to do a lemonade stand. Logan came home on November 18th, with a sore arm and his arm was bruised. I called DCS and the police again. Logan and Laci started telling the police, DCS and others that Rocky hits my disabled daughter, (who cries and laughs to communicate, can not speak or sign) in the mouth, when she cries and tells her to shut the fuck up. Then turn her wheelchair to the corner. The children also told me that the sleep safe bed, I have provided for Rocky, has too much junk in it for Lilly to sleep in, so Lilly is in her wheelchair the whole time she is there, and sleeps in her wheelchair (Lilly has uncontrollable movements, and needs a safe place to sleep). The kids have also said that he puts in foot on Lilly, while she is on the floor, crying, and he laugh. Lilly has no way to defend herself.

    DCS again told me in Dec 2018, that if they charge him, and feel like the kids are unsafe in HIS home, they will remove ALL the kids from BOTH homes, and put them into foster care. In other words, DCS will traumatize the children, and take them out of a safe and loving home. The police are waiting to hear from Rocky’s side, and if he comes up with a good enough story for hitting Lilly in the mouth, then they will NOT press charges. My question is, what could he possibly say why it would be okay for him to hit my special needs daughter? But I thought the same thing for the black eye, but he managed to come up with a great story of her slipping in the shower when he was holding her. Then why was both of her eyes bruised and down the face? Lilly has never hurt himself in the bathtub at my house. Logan said that Rocky stepped out of the bathroom when Lilly was in the bath, to get a towel. Stepping out is like leaving a infant in the bathtub by themselves. But of course, he lied. He also lied about the diaper rash. He also lied when we were still married, and I thought he was trying to kill himself by popping a whole bottle of pills down his mouth. He made me look crazy when I called 911 for help. After the police left and he denied EVERYTHING. He looked at me and said “I spit them all out once I turned the corner.”

    He speaks to friends and acquaintances how he is a veteran, he talks in a way that he served his country to the full. However, in fact, he started basic training, broke his ankle. Came home for a small amount of time. Restarted basic training, and then went AWOL in basic training. When he came home to me, I had him turn himself in. He joined because I am medically retired from the Army as a sergeant. I served 4 years, went to Iraq for 1 full year. I got a spinal hematoma on my spine and went temporarily paralyzed. I had to relearn to walk. People would thank me, for my service. Rocky wanted the attention, and hated when people thanked me and not him. His DD214 report reflects this. My DD214 shows that I am medically retired with an honorable discharge. . Rocky received a company grade article 15, and got a “other than honorable” discharge. He never made it out of basic training, he went AWOL, he is no veteran. He is a liar and a deserter. Of course he is going to lie to the police.

    Rocky has hurt all 5 of our children (Kody, Jeriah (DJ), Lilly, Logan and Laci). He also teased and bullied his younger sister. Rocky is a bully. He has gone to prison, he has domestic violence charges against him, a DCS record against him, assault chargers for hurting a student, has hit a cop, tortures children, etc … and this man is AGAIN a teacher in Arizona! HOW?! Is Arizona that desperate for teachers?

    The state has failed to protect my children and has made it impossible for me to protect them. The state is putting every students of Arizona at risk for letting a man like Rocky teach in their schools. I have even emailed the Arizona Department of Public Safety Fingerprint Clearance Review Board and warned them about Rocky. However, they gave the card back to him. Do you want Rocky to teach your children?

    I kept my kids home from a visitation this weekend, Logan begged me not to send him, in fear of him getting in trouble for talking to me about what happened. This may cause legal issues for me due to disobeying a court order. However, how can I legally protect my children?

    I have talked to a new lawyer. She said that in the state of Arizona, father rights are big. She has seen judges order kids to do visitation in prison. She explained to me that if we got supervised visitation, it would be temporary and I might have to pay for it. Then it will go back to every other weekend, unsupervised. Rocky will then have free range on my children again. I feel like I am unable to lawfully protect my children.

    Meanwhile, when DCS speaks with him, he manages to manipulate the system, and have them investigate why I have providers for my children. Yes, I do get help from the state. I have one child that is in a wheelchair, G Tube fed, non verbal, etc. I have another child that has autism. I have a son with behavioral health issues, that gets worse every time he visits his dad, due to the emotional and physical abuse he endures by Rocky. Logan also has dyslexia, and needs extra attention in his schoolwork. Then I have a 1 year old toddler. My current husband, Nathan Smith, has 3 kids that come visit us during their school breaks and summers. Don’t forget my 2 older sons that are adults now, Kody and Jeriah (DJ). I do not rest until about 8 or 9 pm. I homeschool Lilly, Logan and Laci using ESA funds. Lilly does 10 hours of therapy per week. Laci and Logan both have occupational therapies and speech therapy, weekly. Logan is in a program for his dyslexia. He also has behavioral health therapies. Logan has been hospitalized twice for his behavioral health issues. We do kung fu, dance, therapeutic horseback riding, etc. Lilly has tons of different doctors that she needs to go too. Rocky RARELY comes to appointments. I ask Rocky to go to CFT’s and doctors appointment (he told me that he can come if we can schedule it when he is free. He said, don’t schedule anything Monday-Thursday from 6am-6pm, and every other Friday. What does that leave me with? But then criticizes me for not scheduling appointments when he can make it). He has gone to maybe 3-4 appointments in the last 4 years. I can’t even start to count how many appointments I have gone to. Rocky has not even been trained on how to use Lilly’s communication device. A speech therapist was willing to go to his house and teach him. He never called her. Rocky does not know what is going on with any of the therapies or doctor appointments. Instead he criticizes me for getting help. He did have help one time with a company in Nogales, AZ. Rocky screamed at the provider, and she asked to never go back to his home. He scared her. The company refused to provide services to him after that. In retaliation, he attempts to make me look bad for getting help. However, WHY does that even matter? WHY is the DCS asking and criticizing me for getting help? When they need to be focusing on the abuse, not me getting the proper help? My providers help make me a better mother. I can’t do it all myself. I am only one person, and my husband works. I am a DAMN good mother! Regardless of how Rocky tries to manipulate it.

    Emily Smith


    More information:


    December 6, 2018: Because of this letter, I was referred to an agency that can help provide a grant for a lawyer, for families in our kind of situation. I am so grateful!

    Dec 10, 2018: I was able to get a Order of Protection for Lilly and Logan. However, I was unable to get it for Laci. The judge recommended I get a emergency custody order for Laci.

    Dec 13, 2018: I attempted to get an emergency custody order from Judge Coffey in Maricopa County. Because I did not have the best lawyer the first time around, and Rocky lied a lot on the stand, the judge sadly believed his lies. So the judge denied the emergency order for Laci. However, we have a court date on Jan 16, 2019 at 11 am. Hopefully the judge can see past his lies! Wish us luck to getting my kids protected. I am pretty upset with the judge denying the order for now. I need to keep Laci safe.

    Dec 13, 2018: I was able to get the Eloy Police Report for when Rocky assaulted the student in May. It gave me flashbacks, of Rocky standing in front of the door, but letting me leave the bedroom. Poor kid. Attaching police report here and add the screenshots.
  • Dr. Altahir Karamalla,
    commented 2018-12-06 01:46:35 -0700
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    Dr. Altahir Karamalla,
  • Josie Wright
    commented 2018-11-28 11:39:37 -0700
    Hello Mr. Andrade,

    My name is Josie Wright and I am with March for Our Lives Arizona. I would love to sit down with you and discuss the issue of gun violence and ways to make Arizona a safer state. Thank you for your time and service to our state!


    Josie Wright
  • Kenneth Kenegos
    commented 2018-10-16 15:08:52 -0700
    I am sending information to all candidates regarding a recent analysis of Arizona state healthcare costs and the difference that Medicare for All would make in those costs. What email address can I use to send you the material?
  • Debra A Gibson
    commented 2018-08-28 05:39:09 -0700
    How do you feel about fracking in AZ?
  • Patrick Carleton
    commented 2018-08-05 17:17:20 -0700
    Hi Richard,

    Knowing that we’re few weeks before the primary, I hoped to set up a quick call to discuss our digital hypertargeting technology. In the last three years, over 85% of the 2,000+ candidates that have used our tech have won their seats.

    We are the postal service of the internet. If you provide us with a list of physical mailing addresses (voter file), instead of the home receiving a post card they would receive banner ads as they surf the internet. We invented and patented this technology, and we’re the only company in the world that can do this.

    Note that we are a technology, not an agency nor consultants. We work with hundreds of political agencies who act as resellers, many of whom whitelabel our technology.

    I would love to tell you more about our capabilities and see how we can help you win in the primary. What date and times work for you?

    Best Regards,

    Patrick Carleton

    SVP, Development, El Toro

  • Trudi Dawkins
    commented 2018-07-03 15:02:01 -0700
    If you need a good affordable CRM system but want to migrate away from Republican-friendly NationBuilder, we might be able to help. Our Core CRM system helps you integrate all your supporters from any system – facebook, ActBlue, online signups, and just about any other source.

    Over 600 Democratic and Progressive campaigns have turned to BlueUtopia to help them consolidate data, communicate, engage, and grow their campaigns. BlueUtopia is easy to use, less expensive, and we only serve Democrats/Progressive causes.

    I welcome you to give us a call (866.297.4904) or reach out online. We hope to hear from you and good luck in November!
  • Rose Brown
    commented 2018-04-27 11:03:59 -0700
  • Allison House
    commented 2018-01-24 20:52:52 -0700
    Dear Representative Andrade,


    My name is Dr. Allison House. I am a practicing general dentist in Arcadia. I am also a past president of the Arizona Dental Association.


    I am writing to discuss the possibility of dental therapists in Arizona. My understanding is that the application proposes dental therapists have three years of training (with no prerequisite undergraduate degree) and gives advance standing to dental hygienists or dental assistants. As it has been presented at this point, the plan for this type of mid level provider does not seem appropriate. Here is why I am concerned:


    1. Dentist have 4 years of hard science education ( math, physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, and biology) in college BEFORE spending another 4 years of learning dentistry in dental school. This totals 8 years of education.


               Many people question why those 4 years of hard science are necessary. Why can’t someone skip the college portion and just learn the mechanics of dentistry? I can tell you from experience that it is extremely difficult to keep up with all the changes in prescription medications and new medical procedures. A foundation in science allows dentists to understand the pharmacology learned in dental school and apply that knowledge. It also allows dentists to understand how medical procedures can affect people. Knowing all the medications out there and how they affect people is critical to keeping patients safe during dental care.


             2.  Most cases where a patient dies during dental care is when an underlying medical condition or medication is ignored or forgotten. My dad is always my best example for this. In 1994 my father had oral cancer. He had radiation treatments and has been cancer free ever since. If he walked into a dental office tomorrow , he would appear to be a perfectly normal and healthy 80 year old man. My father has some teeth with little bone around them and they are loose. The application proposes that dental therapists do “simple extractions.” It would be easy to think one could pull these teeth without much trouble. The teeth would come out simply. However, my father cannot have a tooth pulled with going through hyperbaric treatment because of the radiation to his jaw. If someone pulled his teeth without doing the weeks of hyperbaric treatment first, my father would most likely develop a severe bone infection and die. 


             3.  There are more people like my father ( severely compromised, but appear normal) than there has ever been at any other time in history. The most frightening part is that so many of these compromised people are on AHCCCS. As you know, these patients have serious deferred dental needs since we lost the AHCCCS adult coverage more than seven years ago.  These are the most difficult and complex patients. The AHCCCS system saves lives by treating major disease, trauma, and cancers, but the patients it serves are often not sophisticated about their health and the consequences of these treatments. They often don’t know and forget to disclose that they are taking a drug that makes them bleed easily. I can’t tell you how often patients tell me they take “a little white pill and a big yellow one”. That is simply not enough information to treat patients safely. Luckily, dentists have been expertly trained on how to figure out what that yellow pill is and how it relates to the patient’s overall health.

    My point is that the patients this dental therapist is supposed to treat actually need someone who is MORE qualified than your average dentist, not less.
    4. It is also important to note that the largest cost in dentistry is not the provider, but the equipment, technology, staff, build out, instruments, and supplies needed to run a dental office. Cutting $50,000 of annual salary out of the typical $800,000 annual collection of a dental practice cannot reduce the cost of doing business by more than 10%.


    5. If there is money available for licensing, educating, testing, and board oversight of a new dental provider, my suggestion would be to create general dentistry residency programs in underserved areas.  Eight years is not nearly enough training to care for patients and so many dentists do a residency for additional experience. Residency programs would allow fully licensed and educated dentists to perform the full scope of dental procedures for patients. The resident dentists would work with a highly educated dental professor who would help them make difficult decisions. The resident dentists are generally paid around what a dental therapist would be paid.


    Thank you for taking time to read my lengthy email. I appreciate all you do and I know how much you sacrifice for our community.




    Dr. Allison House
  • Cameron Hightower
    commented 2017-09-02 12:35:05 -0700
    Dear Honorable Richard Andrade,

    I am so appalled at the performance of the Veterans Affairs Department. My name is Cameron Hightower, (227-??-5646) former Army war veteran, and I have been run around the planet with my claim. First I keep calling and getting either the wrong information, incomplete information or talk to service agents who cannot effectively do their job.

    I called on August 28th to check on my claim and I was told everything was fine. There was no other information needed for the claim. I called today and I was told the VA needs a detailed report of my PTSD? A psychiatrist at the Phoenix Arizona VA Hospital examined me and did a detailed report. The interview lasted an hour and I personally saw her documenting everything I said. This was the first thing the VA had in my file, after I applied in August 2016!

    This is so redundant and makes absolutely no sense. I am told a completion date of Sept 3rd for months, and now out of the blue, the VA needs documentation that they have had almost a year now. Why am I feeling that the VA has become so callus to former soldiers, and their claims. How insulting is it to me, to hear an agent tell me that they need detailed information about my PTSD! How dare they ask this, when I was the one being shot at, day one in Bosnia. I am the one who had to do foot patrols through destroyed cities, looking at dead bodies in a ditch. I am the one who had to miss my family for over nine months. Who are they to even question what a VA psychiatrist’s evaluation!! It makes me feel that the VA keeps giving me excuse after excuse to be cruel, heartless and disrespectful not only to me, but my family and my country.

    It is a shame that veterans are being treated in such a manner. That we continuously have to wait, wait, wait and feel that are service for this country means absolutely nothing. I have a solution to the problem, and I will propose that in a bill to the US Congress myself. Because the only person who seems to care that I am taken care of with my benefits… is me.

    Cameron Jovan Hightower
  • Jay Rao
    commented 2017-07-21 17:07:47 -0700
    Can’t it be made illegal for anyone you do not know to place an unsolicited phone call to your private residence telephone for the sole purpose of soliciting a donation, offering something for sale, asking survey questions, campaigning or any other commercial pursuit?

    First of all I pay for the telephone for my personal use.

    The only calls I want to receive are from those I know or want to do business with.

    It is not a conduit for door to door salesmen to trespass on my privacy.

    No one would tolerate someone banging on the front door several times a day trying to get money for whatever reason.

    It’s intolerable to have these interruptions during meals, at bedtime, while watching prime time TV, etc.

    Salesmen/marketers are using a facility at no cost that I pay for, that I need for my own use.

    The cost of my private telephone should not benefit those who wish only to obtain money or information from me.

    Fake calls from fraudsters claiming to be the IRS or other government agencies are unsettling, even when I know it is false.

    This is not a First Amendment issue. It’s a trespassing/harassment issue.

    The Do Not Call lists do not work. They are overwhelmed and unenforceable.
  • Alice Thomas
    commented 2017-04-05 03:57:24 -0700
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  • Steve Ottosen
    commented 2017-03-14 16:34:42 -0700
    Good Afternoon Rich,

    I am reaching out because I am helping Samuel Ronan who recently ran for the Head Chair of the DNC. We are putting together a website where any local Democrat who is interested in joining the process within the State of Arizona Government. If you have any advice or can point me to the website where you can file the appropriate paperwork would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for everything you do to promote Democratic values for all of our local Arizona citizens.

    Best Regards,

    Steve Ottosen
  • Michael Rice
    commented 2017-01-31 10:34:05 -0700
    Dear Mr. Andrade,

    I am a retired law enforcement officer residing in Sun City. I write to you and others today to express my extreme concern regarding some legislation that has apparently been introduced requiring passengers in vehicles that are stopped by law enforcement to present identification if requested and allowing a citation for a Class 2 Misdemeanor if the passenger is unable to produce such identification. As a veteran, a law enforcement officer sworn to uphold the constitution and a 69 year old citizen of this country I am strongly opposed to such legislation. This type of law reeks of 1939 Germany when the Nazis required the Jews to wear the Star of David and mark their businesses in the same manner. It also reminds me of the conflict in Rawanda when the Hutus required identification of the Tutsis in order to know who to target in 1995 when 800,000 were murdered. America is a country where we enjoy the complete and un-impeaded right to move about without any restriction.

    If your were to read a book entitled Shake Hands with the Devil regarding the Rawanda genocide I think you would understand my concern. Please pass this along to all of your legislative friends and do all you can to defeat any such bill. I treasure our constitution and I am sure it will not allow this if it is challenged but I would much rather see such insanity defeated before that becomes necessary.
  • Anonymous
    commented 2017-01-12 14:21:46 -0700
  • Mondo Olmos
    followed this page 2017-01-11 22:25:59 -0700
  • Mondo Olmos
    commented 2017-01-08 17:23:08 -0700
    We must expand Obamacare and turn it into a single-payer system in the state of Arizona. Since the GOP wants to enforce The Right To Work Law they must provide food stamps and healthcare to low wage workers.
  • Mondo Olmos
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-01-06 19:59:37 -0700
    Contact Us
  • Mondo Olmos
    @civilrightselms tweeted link to this page. 2017-01-06 19:59:34 -0700
  • Mondo Olmos
    commented 2017-01-06 19:59:00 -0700
    It’s time to expand the $10.00 an hour minimum wage law to include home healthcare providers; these workers are essential for our economy to grow. Just think of the huge profit margin by hospitals, health equipment corporations, and big pharma. These workers are struggling to feed their families.
  • candace schulte`
    commented 2016-11-10 09:50:06 -0700
    Hello Representative Andrade,

    Congratulations on your recent election as State Representative for our district. I have already emailed Representative Chavez and I am hopeful you two are already communicating with one another about the recent election and how you two will work together for our district. As a social worker, many of my staff members and colleagues are shocked that our political system could elect such an unqualified leader such as Mr. Trump as president. People are in desperate fear of their future and their children’s future. Many people came to me yesterday asking “where do we go from here/” and “how do we effect change in our political system?”. I wasn’t sure how to answer them. I am looking to my representatives to see if you have planned any meetings or rally’s to speak directly to your constituents about how to get involved and where do they start? I already contacted US Representative Rueben Gallego and I was saddened to learn he has not even begun to even talk about planning any meetings or rally’s! During a confusing time like this we need direction from our leaders! I am asking if you can help me, help get my community involved and how?

    Candace Schulte
  • Nathan Locke
    commented 2016-09-18 19:01:53 -0700
    I would like to get in touch directly with Richard to discuss an endorsement from the Progressive Independent Party. We also still “feel the Bern” and would like to help every similarly-minded leader we can. Is there an email address we can have to get in touch with Richard or his communications director directly?

    Thank you,

  • Briana Johnson
    commented 2016-06-29 13:44:23 -0700
    We had mailed you our candidate survey three weeks ago and have not received a response. I wanted to let you know that the deadline was this past Thursday, but if you get the survey to us this week we can still guarantee that it will make it into our printed Voter Guide. Otherwise all responses received after our production deadline will be posted online to

    If you choose not to respond, I wanted to let you know that you will be listed as “Declined to respond” along with your contact information in our Guide.

    You can fill out the survey online today at

  • Tricia Burlison
    commented 2016-05-29 17:10:13 -0700
    DFA-MC and ADLCC invites you and your team to Campaign Academy 2016! Every two years DFA-MC puts on a DFA Campaign Academy to help Progressives in the state to learn the skills and the strategies to manage successful campaigns. This year due to many trainers being involved in actual campaigns, and taking the time out of their busy schedule to step up and do training, the Academy will be held for one day only.

    The training will be held on June 4, 2016 at IBEW, 5808 North 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ, 85014.

    Tuition will be lowered to $40.00 online in advance or $45.00 at the door and $20.00 online in advance or $25.00 at the door for students. If you have already paid in full prior to this notice, you will receive your refund at check in. Scholarships will still be available.

    *****Together we can turn AZ blue*****

    RSVP TODAY to RESERVE YOUR SPOT!!! Seating is limited! Register online at

    Thank you and let me know if you have any questions. Tricia Burlison, MBA DFA-MC Treasurer (602) 703-8522
  • Tricia Burlison
    commented 2016-05-25 12:53:37 -0700
    DFA-MC and ADLCC invites you and your team to Campaign Academy 2016! Every two years DFA-MC puts on a DFA Campaign Academy to help Progressives in the state learn the skills and strategies to manage successful campaigns or run for office themselves. This year we’re upping the ante by offering a more in-depth Campaign Academy that will cover how to run field, how to talk about Democratic issues, how to raise money (including seed money for Clean Elections candidates), how to use social media to achieve our goals. If you are going to run for office or manage a campaign, this is the place for you.

    The training will be held on June 4th and 5th, at IBEW, 5808 N. 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85014.

    Tuition is $75.00 online in advance, $80.00 at the door. Reduced tuition for students and low income at $40.00 in advance and $45.00 at the door. There will be some scholarships available.

    Seating is limited!!!


    Register online at

    Thank you and hope to see you there.

    Tricia Burlison, MBA

    DFA-MC Treasurer

    (602) 703-8522